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July 4, 2022 admin

The Changing Face of Rescue

The challenge of saving lives has always been a juggling act, littered with pitfalls along the way. There are hoards of scams out there, kill lots playing on people’s sympathies, I’ve seen drugged horses appearing much different than their actual dispositions. Even rescues can be scams! Every situation presents itself with a unique set of variables. And in order to be successful, we must proceed carefully. Rising gas prices, the cost of the invasion on our dear friends the Ukrainians, and hovering inflation all add to the mix. Horses prices are up, hauling prices will skyrocket, and let’s not forget hay.


So how does one keep one’s head on straight? How can the organization remain sustainable, while truly making a difference? It begins with a deep breath, followed by lots of patience and investigation. Add a big dash of transparency, as in…let your supporters know what’s happening, and then, take it a day at a time. Remaining small, watching finances, and keeping your intentions pure.


Hmm, intentions pure…If you’re raising money to save a life, don’t purchase a shelter with the money. If you need a shelter raise the money for that, or purchase one with money from your coffers. Horses’ lives should not be the commodity used to raise funds. Horses’ lives should not be used, flipped, traded, and my opinion not even sold. They become commodities, think oranges on display. Do you use horses on the daily? For riding lessons, horse camps, and children’s activities? I’m not criticizing but creating awareness of what’s transpiring. It would seem then the horses are still serving you. They are still working for you, helping you have a livelihood you enjoy, you are not serving them.


This is an important differentiation. Horses can’t rehabilitate and heal if they are still working for you. In my ‘humble’, they are not saved. They may be alive, but they are not healing. I suggest looking carefully at the organizations calling themselves rescue. Do your research before handing over your hard-earned cash. And look into the horses’ eyes. They will tell you everything. Below is an example of happy, healing horses. The mare was a wild mustang living on the plains in Oklahoma. Rounded up by the BLM, she ended up in a corral, her future uncertain. We pulled her and provided a place to foal and adjust to a new and very different life. Of course, the colt, Little Ham himself has never had a bad day. We believe it is what every foal deserves. Unfortunately, not every foal is blessed.


As we approach the summer of 2022 we are refocusing our efforts on the west coast. I have generous support and help all across the nation. Otherwise saving lives in Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas would simply not be possible. But we have been asked if we can assist in a very delicate project in the western half of the U.S.


It’s a project and a situation that has been going on for quite some time. And in order to save the lives of horses, we must remain vague, and refrain from revealing locations and individuals. You see, one’s first instinct is to want to call out the evil and end the situation. But what if you can’t? What if nothing illegal transpires, and it comes down to vast differences in moral/ethical codes. Then what?


I call it doing business with the devil. And it’s exactly what we do. These horses have never seen an auction lot/kill lot/rescue pen or holding corral. They are rounded up and simply ship straight to Slaughter.


Stay tuned, as more information, vague as it may be, rolls in. If you’re willing to help, it will be a most rewarding journey. That I can promise.

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