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Is it Really July??

There’s quite a lot going on at PMR  North. So much in fact, I wasn’t sure if I should post to Facebook, Insta, and TikTok… create the newsletter …or just come here! Well, this is HOME, right? So, I decided to start here.  {Although a big note for you to jot down, you can only read “As The Barn Turns” in our newsletter! Be sure to sign up here to get the monthly chuckle.

Petaluma Fundraiser!
Brunch with the Babies!

Updates coming. Mystic ~ Trixie ~ Claire and Jackson! We believe Sam (Red ) has found a forever home!

We brought 2 minis to the ranch that need some hoof care, a new home and some TLC.  One little sassy mare, one confident little gelding! Meet Sassy & Sunny!

We have had the good fortune to come across a new rescue in Bodega Bay. She has a Friesian cross mare {Quite stunning} who is very traumatized. We feel we can help her, start with trust, and go from there. She is young and sound, and can eventually be a spectacular partner! Her name is Ruby. Isn’t she lovely?

David (on the left) the ham of all hams, and his mom, Layla are also residing at PMR North. They are thriving. David is ready to be weaned, however, he is a crypt orchid, and still needs gelding. That is yet to come!


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Founded in 2006, our goal is to keep pregnant mares and orphaned foals out of harms way.

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