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February 14, 2021 admin

Then There Was Pollyanna

Then There Was Pollyanna

PMR North is an extraordinary piece of paradise. Imagine no bugs, no humidity, no harsh temperatures. The easy and cool wind occasionally lifting a mane into the air. The horses are so extremely content. Healing becomes possible, doable. The pain of past days begins to recede.

Every horse deserves this kind of care. The change in their emotional health is overwhelmingly obvious. I made my first trip up to PMR North and found it to exceed my EVERY expectation. I made the trip up from Watsonville to meet Pollyanna, a Belgian mare who according to reports had been cross-bred and found herself on the auction lot. (Not a good place!) Below is her arrival. She shows her sweet easy-going disposition as she unloads


Once the mare has arrived we let them settle in and decompress. Pregnant, coming from a horribly sad environment, these mares arrive tired and tentative. We brought Little Wrigley up to say hello, & let her know all would be well now.


David on the left and momma Layla anxious to say hello and welcome her to her new digs.

A little bodywork, …


Meeting more friends,

Yes, Pollyanna. All is well.

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