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July 5, 2022 admin

All You Need Is Love, Love Is All You Need.

Hanukkah began in November this year. (Date: Sunset, November 28 – nightfall, December 6, 2021). We were all still doing the Thanksgiving dishes as the lights of the menorah appeared. I love the memories this time of year brings. When my children were very young they were busy trying to work out why their Jewish pals were getting gifts every day for about a week… without looking greedy, they’d come up with very clever ways of asking about the whole gift situation. “So mom, do we get to be Jewish next year? Ah, mom, I’ve decided to try being Jewish and I’m going to observe Hanukkah this year.” It was a great opportunity to share the ‘why’ behind all the different holiday traditions and the importance of tolerance and love.

For the horses, the holidays are a lot like the rest of the year. Filled with love and care, they constantly remind us of how important love truly is. The difference we all observe in their behavior is really nothing less than astounding. They forgive, they release their resentment, and if given enough time they learn to trust and partner with us once again. Spending time in the company of an animal that has suffered at the hands of humans makes observance of these holidays, centered around giving, tolerance, patience, and love immeasurable.

Without all the commercialism and the focus on spending, a simple act of kindness goes a long way. If you can’t spend a little time around horses this season, try your local animal shelter. You will find your heart full as you send some joy to somebody waiting for a new home. Happy Holidays!


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