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I am always touched when young people are so generous and loving. These two girls came for a visit, and Ananda was happy to donate $100! She collected birthday money and donations for our horses. These girls give me so much hope for tomorrow's
equines. We have a plan for them to visit once Snow's baby in on the ground. PMR wants to say thank you, and let the girls know how much we appreciate them!


Good News Arrives in Small Packages

You remember Hope, the older PREGNANT mare pulled off a kill lot in Kansas. (Scroll down for her pic) She gave birth to a healthy colt named Jesse. We find is remarkable how life can work. His namesake was a young lady about to embark on her college experience when an inoperable brain tumor cut her life short. From diagnosis (in August just before school) to death was a mere 7 mos. In those months her daily visits to Hope uplifted her spirits and gave her an invaluable focus. We are so grateful to the PMR community for their continued love and support.



Welcome to the Mother's Day Sponsorship Program. Below you will see pictures of our mares and their foals for Spring 2020. By clicking on each image, you will learn their names. Choose the pair you'd like to sponsor monthly (with one donation of any
amount), and you will receive pictures and updates over the next 6 months! It's a great way to help us care for them, and a fun experience to share! You can click on the Red donation button, or the black "Click Here" link found above.

These two are; daughter Echo on the left, and momma Norma on the right. They are both pregnant, and we are reaching out. Want to help? Want to foster? They are bonded and family...Located in Colorado, they can do their QT for 30 days, and then...off to their foster family while they settle in , decompress and realize they are safe!... Find out more...


Vet performed a life saving trach right in the pasture!

And began breathing immediately. This mare was so far along that had she shipped, the fully developed fetus would have been laying on the abattoir floor, dead along with her mother. This baby came as soon as momma got to QT. Safe now in Colorado, it is said these 2 mares were rounded up and shipped from a huge pasture space in Nebraska, and trucked to Colorado. They have obviously received absolutely no care, their are feet are bad, and their overall condition is horrible. Turned out with (apparently draft stallions) , this mare and her mother both were rounded up and discarded at the Colorado lot for a few bucks. How some folks sleep at nite is beyond my comprehension. Below Echo and her beautiful colt Rocky is Norma, the mother to Echo. She too is believed to be pregnant.

Echo & Rocky


Echo & Rocky

Both Wy and Ally are resting, happy, healing, and feeling safe. Momma knickers at us when we approach. She knows hay is coming. This mare doesn't know about carrots, apples or sweet grain. She is learning about Il of those things, and love 🙂 Stay tuned for their progress reports!

Thanks for the support!!


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Founded in 2006, our goal is to keep pregnant mares and orphaned foals out of harms way.

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